Welcome to the REANNZ New Zealand Broadband Test.

Test your internet connection, see how it compares to UFB standards and see the results of kiwis near you.

Terms & Conditions

The user agrees to the following conditions:

  1. Users are granted the right to use the nzbt.org.nz site for their personal or internal business use only. Users are not required to register, or pay a fee, to perform a broadband test
  2. The user declares that any information they enter in using the nzbt.org.nz site is, to the best of their knowledge, true and correct.
  3. The broadband measurement tools provided on the nzbt.org.nz website and all results and other information produced through the operation of any such tools are provided “as is” without warranty. Users accept that REANNZ, Measurement Lab and Rabid have no liability for any damage (direct or indirect) caused by any use of, or reliance upon, nzbt.org.nz or any information produced by use of nzbt.org.nz by a user.
  4. Each user account may be used for a single broadband connection. nzbt.org.nz does not currently support tests over the mobile celluar network.
  5. Each user agrees that its IP address and broadband test results will automatically be sent to Measurement Lab in the United States (“M-Lab”) for use for its purposes. For information about how M-Lab uses this information, please see "Civil Protection and Privacy Policy Good Use" (“M-Lab Privacy Policy”) found at: http://www.measurementlab.net/content/privacy-policy-aup
  6. The application provided on the nzbt.org.nz site uses measurement tools developed by M-Lab as defined in the following website: http://www.measurementlab.net/measurement-lab-tools
  7. By performing a test, the user agrees to the Privacy Policy and acknowledges that their broadband test results and IP address may be recorded for research purposes by both REANNZ and M-Lab, and may be published in an aggregated form without any royalty being payable and without further notice or permission from the user. The data collected in a test may be made publicly available under a Creative Commons Zero license.
  8. If the user provides additional information such as location, ISP, data plan, the user consents to this information being made publicly available by REANNZ.
  9. By registering in the system, the user has access to additional features including:
    • Performing multiple tests for various timeframes, locations, and devices
    • Tracking all test results performed by the user under their registration
  10. The application nzbt.org.nz is provided as open source software, licensed GNU General Public License v3, which is available under the terms and conditions set out in the website: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html. A copy of the source code is available at: https://github.com/rabid/nzbt.
  11. The user agrees not to harm nzbt.org.nz, introduce malware or to use the site in any harmful or illegal manner. The user must not act in a way that interferes with the operation of the site, and must not use any robot, spider, web crawler or other automated means to access this website or use any of the broadband monitoring tools.
  12. REANNZ may vary these terms of use at any time by posting a revised version on nzbt.org.nz and such revised terms shall apply either 14 days after the date the revised terms are posted on the website or the date the revised terms are accepted by the user in performing a broadband test, whichever is the earlier.