Welcome to the REANNZ New Zealand Broadband Test.

Test your internet connection, see how it compares to UFB standards and see the results of kiwis near you.

Privacy Policy

The nzbt.org.nz site is maintained and operated by the Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand Limited (or “REANNZ”). More information about REANNZ can be found here.

This policy explains what information you may provide and how that information is used in the course of using the nzbt.org.nz website and how your privacy is protected.

You may provide information in three key ways, by:

  • testing broadband performance (Broadband Test)
  • registering with nzbt.org.nz (Registration)
  • providing relevant service information e.g. ISP, data plan etc. (Additional Information)  

Users must agree to the Terms and Conditions which includes the following, before providing information in one of the ways set out above.

Broadband Test

Each time you perform a Broadband Test, REANNZ collects at least your broadband test results (as explained below) and your IP address. You are not required to provide any other personal information in order to use the Broadband Test and you may leave the site after completion of the basic Broadband Test.

The broadband test results and your IP address are automatically sent to Measurement Lab for use by Measurement Lab for its purposes. All data stored by Measurement Lab is made publicly available, with the goal of promoting robust network research and a healthy Internet, and to allow users to benefit from data-based comparisons of performance globally. For information about how Measurement Labs uses this information, please see Measurement Labs’s "Civil Protection and Privacy Policy Good Use" found at http://www.measurementlab.net/content/privacy-policy-aup

Broadband test results and IP addresses will also be retained and used by REANNZ for its internal purposes and for the purpose of research, including research involving other third parties. It may be published by REANNZ in an aggregated form that does not refer to your specific IP address or registration information.

The Broadband Test is carried out using the Network Diagnostic Test (NDT) running on software developed by Measurement Lab and made available under an open source licence. Broadband test results collected in respect of each test include the test results comprising the measurements of total score of broadband performance, upload speed, download speed, jitter, RTT and packet loss are displayed to the user.

It is important to note that the Broadband Test does not collect any personal information about the contents of any communication across your internet connection. It measures the way in which the network reacts to a predetermined stream of data sent between NDT and the closest measurement server. Every NDT test, run anywhere in the world by any user send the same identical stream. This means that the way a network is behaving can be deduced without measuring and collecting a user’s actual internet use.


You may register on the nzbt.org.nz site and log in, for example, to measure your broadband results over time. Registration requires an email address and password, and you may choose to provide any other information requested in the registration process. This information is stored securely by REANNZ to enable you to login and view past test results.

Additional Information

You may choose to provide Additional Information such as location data in the form of a pin on the map, the name of your Internet Service Provider, data plan and test results. If you choose to provide Additional Information, this information and your broadband test results will be accessible to other users via a pin on a map with details of the test results for the location you have provided.

If you choose to provide Additional Information, these results are publically available to all visitors of the site. No other information, such as email, address, or IP address is displayed.


REANNZ may disclose any personal information we hold about you to service providers working on the operation and development of the nzbt.org.nz website, or in response to a request from a law enforcement agency.

The disclosure of information to Measurement Lab as set out above may involve the transfer of your information to the United States and other countries, whose laws may not be as protective of personal information as those of New Zealand.

You have the right to access and correct any personal information REANNZ holds about you. Please contact us at info@nzbt.org to make any such request.