Welcome to the REANNZ New Zealand Broadband Test.

Test your internet connection, see how it compares to UFB standards and see the results of kiwis near you.

About the New Zealand Broadband Test (NZBT)


This New Zealand Broadband Test (nzbt.org.nz) is a website that allows Kiwis to test and compare their broadband connection.  

nzbt.org.nz lets users test their broadband performance at home/work/campus or the bach and choose between Internet Service Providers (ISP).  nzbt.org.nz also allows users to compare their internet connection with our fellow Kiwis - and their test results with speeds advertisted by ISPs.

Users can visit the nzbt.org.nz, test their broadband speed and performance. The test results display download/upload speeds along with other reliability measures - and an overall score of internet performance. This total performance score combines speed and reliability measures compared against the best wholesale residential broadband service that will become available through the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband.

Users can share their results on a map location (pin) with other users and compare their internet performance against others in New Zealand on Google Maps.  Users may also register with the site to watch how their broadband changes over time.   Further research data is available from Measurement Lab.

nzbt.org.nz is open source, meaning that the code can be used openly for free by other developers.  Anonymous information including broadband test results and IP Address are recorded for research purposes.  Further information is available at Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and FAQs.


nzbt.org.nz is the beta version of the website and further versions are expected.  Please provide any feedback on what worked well or your suggestions to improve future development. We would love to incorporate your ideas in future versions of the testing site.

You can send us feedback here.

Who helped set it up

nzbt.org.nz was based on the System for Performance Evaluation of Broadband Connection Services created by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT).  This pioneer site provided the key model for the kiwi version.

Both sites use tools created by Measurement Lab, an open, distributed server platform for researchers to use Internet measurement tools. The goal of M-Lab is to advance network research and empower the public with useful information about their broadband connections. By enhancing Internet transparency, M-Lab helps sustain a healthy, innovative Internet.  The tool used by nzbt.org.nz is the Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT) which is explained below. Worldwide results of NDT tests are available here.

The New Zealand version nzbt.org.nz is hosted by the Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand Ltd.  REANNZ is the not-for-profit, Crown owned company that provides students, scientists, educators and innovative companies an ultra-fast broadband network for the free exchange of ideas and the transfer of knowledge.  REANNZ supplies its nearly 200 member organisations across New Zealand with the cutting-edge network services, infrastructure, and tools necessary to connect with their peers and collaborators around the globe.

nzbt.org.nz was adapted for New Zealand by local Wellington developers Rabid, with support from Google.

Network Diagnostic Tool - NDT

Network Diagnostic Tool's primary purpose is to carry out end to end measurements on residential broadband connections as it incorporates functionality to approximately identify characteristics and evaluate performance of the user's broadband connection. Some of the most interesting network quality metrics observed by the Network Diagnostic Tool are upstream/downstream bandwidth (upload/download speed) to the user's pc, Round Trip Time (ping time) as well as Jitter (the variance of the RTT) of individual packets and the percentage of packet loss.

The architecture of NDT is based on the interaction of two distinct peers (a client: a java applet within a web browser and a measurement server) that evaluate the quality characteristics of the network path between them. The basic idea of this interaction is the following; the client and the measurement server exchange a predefined amount of network traffic and, based on timings of the exchanged packets the server calculates certain metrics pertaining to the quality of the link between them.

The NDT tool is open source.  Further details are available at Measurement Lab and internet2.